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Europeer Exchange GmbH Secures Exclusive A2P SMS Termination Rights and SMS Firewall Partnership with UzMobile in Uzbekistan

[Frankfurt am Main, 02 May, 2023] – Europeer, a leading telecommunications company specializing in wholesale services, is delighted to announce the signing of a groundbreaking agreement prolongation of exclusive rights for the termination of Application-to-Person (A2P) international SMS to UzMobile network, one of the largest carriers in Uzbekistan. Furthermore, Europeer will also be providing an advanced SMS Firewall solution to enhance security and protect against fraudulent activities for UzMobile’s network.

With a strong commitment to delivering high-quality telecommunication services, Europeer Exchange GmbH has established itself as a prominent player in the wholesale market, offering a wide range of innovative solutions. Building on its track record of success in the international A2P SMS market, the extended agreement with UzMobile represents a significant milestone in Europeer’s business expansion strategy.

The exclusive partnership with UzMobile strengthens Europeer’s position as a key provider of A2P SMS termination services not only in Uzbekistan but also in the Asian region. This collaboration will unlock new opportunities for businesses and enterprises seeking reliable and efficient communication channels within the country. Additionally, Europeer’s provision of an SMS Firewall solution will safeguard UzMobile’s network against spam, and fraudulent activities, ensuring a secure messaging environment for its subscribers.

“We are proud to announce not only our extended exclusive agreement with UzMobile but also our partnership in providing an SMS Firewall solution,” said Vitali Strasser, Managing Director at Europeer Exchange GmbH. “This prolonged strategic collaboration will not only enable seamless A2P SMS termination but also enhance security measures for UzMobile’s network. By combining our expertise, we will offer exceptional services to businesses and subscribers in Uzbekistan, ensuring reliable communication and protecting against potential threats.”

Europeer’s dedication to innovation, reliability, and customer satisfaction has positioned the company as a trusted partner for businesses seeking telecommunication solutions in the wholesale market. The strategic collaboration with UzMobile reinforces Europeer’s commitment to expanding its service portfolio, strengthening its foothold in the international A2P SMS market, and providing comprehensive security solutions for telecom networks.

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About Europeer Exchange GmbH:

Europeer Exchange GmbH is a leading telecommunications company operating in the market, offering a comprehensive range of telecommunication services. With a primary focus on the international A2P SMS market, Europeer provides reliable and efficient solutions to businesses worldwide. For more information, visit