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For which areas are the Internet of Things suitable?

The Internet of Things can be effectively used in almost all areas of everyday life and business.

Retail store salespeople can analyze shopper behavior and preferences. They also use chips to track goods from the warehouse.

Automation of the production line avoids defects and inaccuracies in the manufacture of products. And modeling will allow you to see how the product will look and its characteristics.

Many sensors that record indicators during sleep or physical activity can provide large data for their analysis.

When transporting goods, the technology allows tracking the location and downtime, which makes it possible to allocate time more efficiently.

Data Processing

Manage big data and analyze the flow of information.

Tracking Service

Get the ability to track the data that devices transmit to each other.

Corporate Network

Increase the efficiency of your business by connecting several devices with different functionality into one network.

Features and benefits

Internet of Things

Integrate IoT capabilities into business processes to form a coherent intelligent system. To do this, it is necessary to quickly ensure and maintain communication between operators and platforms with devices. Our company provides services for connecting various sensors and devices of urban infrastructure to a single Internet of Things network.

  • Complete control and security required for IoT traffic.
  • Quickly connect M2M data to management platforms.
  • Protecting your traffic from the public Internet.
  • Reducing connection latency to a minimum as well as the ability to learn about the class and quality of service (CoS; QoS).
  • Access to the network at any time 24/7.
  • Maintenance in the event of a problem.

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What is the Internet of Things (IoT) and how does it work?

The Internet of Things means devices connected to each other and connected to the Internet. They interact without human intervention and generate data that can be stored, analyzed and based on it to develop your business.

The Internet of Things has endless possibilities in any area of business. For example, with the help of such technologies, logistics companies track vehicles, builders build smart homes, and cameras recognize faces.

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