Complete carrier
routing solution

Carrier grade
hosted voice solution

Unlimited sessions,
routes and interconnects

Route and rate
on one cloud platform


The complexity at which telecommunication networks grow exponentially each year becomes a serious challenge, both for large companies and small start-ups, showing increased demand on expertise and qualifications.


Europeer takes care of the most important part of telecommunications - interconnections. We offer simple solutions for carriers of any size with varied requirements. Featured with technological laboratories and strategic points in Hong Kong, Frankfurt and Amsterdam we are ready to fulfill any non-standard request in any point of the World, providing our highly valued clients with easy and delicate solutions with no hurdles, because...


...simplicity matters!


Our slogan essentially reflects an effective approach in service provisioning - it should be as simple as possible. Simplicity matters regardless of the extremely high complexity of underlying technologies.





Europeer provides a large range of services which suit the needs of our customers. 


•    Platform as a Service - Cloud based IPX solution
•    Voice & Data services
•    Network infrastructure services
•    Professional services - Managed services & support
•    Service desk solutions


With high expertise in the area of ICT and with own operated network infrastructure, technically highly demanding projects can perfectly be realized and attended.


Platform as a Service - Cloud based IPX solution

As more and more carriers prefer to use IP-based networks, Europeer provides the opportunity for secure and quality-enabled managed IP networks. The key advantage is network service quality which an IPX based transit route can deliver.


Our Platform as a service (PaaS) philosophy provides the latitude to develop business without invests in capital expenditure (Capex). Pay as you grow helps to get an efficient and easy approach to new areas of business.
Combining Europeer’s network with your own operator or network enables access to multiple points of presence around the world.

Europeer Exchange "Carrier grade Hosted Voice Solution" - Complete carrier routing solution

Europeer offers a complete routing and interconnect platform for operators and voice providers to run their entire service. The platform incorporates full carrier rates management, routing and reporting. No difference in quality. Whether you are from Asian region or European one, your activity is 100% safe from glitches protected with a self-supported platform within the system itself!


Features and benefits

High performance, high availability Session Border Controller and Media Gateway:

•    VoIP/TDM conversion - Route & Rate on one cloud platform
•    Cost Efficiency
•    Interoperability between TDM and H.323 voice systems and SIP Trunking
•    Unlimited inbound and outbound calls
•    Centralized call control and routing
•    Reduced network operating expenses
•    Secure connectivity
•    Adding & Removing SIP Trunk Capacity
•    Unlimited sessions, routes and interconnects
•    Neutral interconnect environment
•    Real-time margin and quality-based routing
•    Engineering Quality Reports
•    Technical support and network monitoring


Additional options

Integration of billing system solution:
•    One-click Billing Reports in HTML or Spreadsheet formats
•    Automated invoicing and Client rate changes notifications
•    Accounting for bilateral traffic
•    Multi-currency support
•    Billing support for Time-of-Day and Day-of-Week
•    Variable rounding option per each dialing code
•    Alerts based on change in account usage pattern
•    Fraud prevention


Financial Reporting: RSM Business Reports

•    Margin Analysis report
•    Rated CDRs report
•    Business reports per day of week
•    Margin analysis combined with quality reporting

•    Centralized routing subsystem with real-time master-slave replication
•    All routing changes are effective as configured, immediately or specific data
•    Import routing table from spreadsheet


Reporting features

Traffic Reports
•    Traffic KPI reports for both Client and Vendor sides
•    Hourly reports with complete call statistics
•    Report by Client/Carrier
•    Report by Country
•    Report by Source and Destination Endpoint/Node
•    Report by individual IP address or Trunk Group
•    Any combination of the above

CDR reports
•    Detailed information about each call attempt
•    Summary information about call disconnect reasons


Combining high performance data discovery, analysis, reporting and dashboards, Europeer Xchange "Carrier Grade Hosted Voice Solution" provides new insights into traffic, quality and business performance highlighting trends with comparative data enabling operators to quickly identify urgent calls to action.


Voice & Data services

Voice services

Europeer is a reliable and highly professional ICT service provider with extensive local and international network coverage and infrastructure. Thus we can offer professional Voice wholesale services for your national and global projects. 

By establishing connections with voice-carrier partners worldwide, we are able to connect you to almost every location around the world.

Europeer controls and manages the company's own digital infrastructure, which enables us to provide high-quality voice services locally and internationally at competitive prices.


Features and benefits

Europeer offers tailor-made solutions which allows you to focus on your customers. You manage the entire customer relationship and Europeer delivers premium business services with exactly the quality your customer demands:


•    Interconnect with leading international carriers worldwide

•    Direct routes with best-in-class service quality

•    CLI certified routes

•    Expertise of a big player for fastest time-to-market

•    Cost effective and highly competitive A-Z termination rates

•    Active LCR management

•    Selection of routes based on best route stability, cost and voice quality

•    Accurate and quick call data record provisioning

•    Interconnection via dedicated lines, IP sec and public

•    Classical switchless reselling service and VoIP Interconnection on SIP including full Fax support 

•    Reliable termination of voice traffic to national and international destinations

•    Up to 50,000 simultaneous calls

VoIP Clearinghouse solution

Europeer’s VoIP Clearinghouse solution brings together local and international service providers. Instead of pursuing traffic-sharing agreements with hundreds of service providers in different countries and cities all over the world, you get a single point of contact. By acquiring an interconnect at Europeer you gain the ability to establish direct network and billing connections to many carriers and providers. 

Our VoIP clearinghouse, however, is more than just a termination point. Europeer takes care of mutual settlements and as an independent party it handles both the billing and the potential disputes. As a service provider for other companies, Europeer offers a mixed portfolio of termination, financial services, and enhanced applications:


•    Easy entry into international VoIP space with minimal investment
•    Redundant architecture, duplication of all network elements and applications
•    A single source for termination rates to specific destinations
•    Security for operators purchasing traffic data - Call charges never exceed the system's maximum charges, including currency transactions
•    Independent and impartial billing process
•    A common prefix database which can be imported into your own billing / routing system allows you to bill your own customers 100% compatible with the available prefixes
•    Financial accounts management
•    Settlement of accounts between carriers 
•    Credit risk assessment between carriers 
•    Receivable processing between carriers (financial settlements) 
•    Security of foreign business and business with unknown partners - the payment for the closed traffic is guaranteed
•    Blacklist of suppliers and recipients - the ability to block unwanted traffic
•    Quality of service (QoS) monitoring and provisioning 
•    Bandwidth and IP access provisioning



Data services

Being also a large telecommunication service operator Europeer provides smart, cost saving solutions for Internet and Voice Providers worldwide. As a reliable partner Europeer ensures steady and high quality connectivity services with all the necessary security commitments for its customers.


•   Unlimited telecommunication resources, including Internet services, Fiber Optic circuits, Voice services, collocation and equipment supply
•   Provision of IP-transit and dedicated communication circuits for international and local customers
•   Organization of virtual private networks (VPN), Internet access and other communication services for large and medium-sized enterprises
•    High bandwidth with large volumes of international traffic
•    High connectivity through direct connections to numerous international traffic exchange points (Private, dedicated TDM / IP circuits; IP connections via public Internet)
•     Each Hub contains redundant routers which are interconnected via redundant GigE fiber facilities

•    Quality control by a dedicated monitoring team checking Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) such as ASR, CCR and ALOC
•    Physical colocation service at premium level data centers
•    Configuration, design and implementation of network architecture and services
•    System maintenance and Managed services


Network infrastructure services

The complexity of today’s enterprise applications and communication technologies, combined with security threats, have created a demand for a network architecture that ensures the security and availability of data and applications across the IT ecosystem.

Network investments are substantial and the architecture and design of complex scalable, high-availability networks requires highly specialized skills and training, and most IT departments simply cannot afford to have these scarce resources staff full-time.

Europeer brings a high level of experience and knowledge to network design and network architecture. We design, build, implement and support custom networks with big-picture thinking and attention to the smallest details.


•    Monitoring of network infrastructure
•    Network operation center (NOC) and support services
•    Configuration, design and implementation of network architecture and services
•    Documentation, inventory, network optimization
•    Implementation of cross-connects, networking with upstreams and downstreams
•    Maintenance
•    Rack space collocation
•    Billing of data network services
•    Field service / Telephone and remote support


Professional services - Managed services & support

Changes are permanent in IT and must be managed to make your IT solutions sustainable. Europeer offers a range of services that extends the lifecycle of resources and increases the performances of your IT infrastructure.
Europeer provides all required services that help customers meet technology changes and also maintain existing systems.


•    Maintenance for systems and peripheral units
•    Independent vendor support contracts
•    Field service
•    Telephone and remote support
•    Managed services
•    Take-over of software and maintenance contracts


Service desk solutions

A service desk team is the human face of your company’s support system. To keep your company running smoothly and efficiently, your support team must be highly professional and competent. Europeer agents are experts and issue resolution for hardware troubleshooting, software and custom application support. Our teams are problem-solvers and possess the knowledge and skills to handle your customer needs. 

You can focus on your business without limiting your ability to take on new technologies in cost effective ways. Europeer allows its clients to cost effectively streamline services with global consistency delivered in a local voice, without sacrificing quality. We recruit, hire, train and retain top talent so that you can scale up quickly. 


•    Central point of contact and first-level support
•    Messages are received by telephone, email, fax or ticket system
•    Direct dial via virtual ACD to the appropriate contact
•    Qualified forwarding of issues that cannot be directly solved to second-level support, supplier or manufacturer
•    End-to-end monitoring of the ticket progress (ticket ownership)
•    Monitoring and reporting on the type, frequency and duration of service requests



Europeer owns a carrier-neutral secure reliable VoIP traffic exchange platform. The main functionality is the organization of traffic exchange/aggregation points for companies, like mobile operators, transit carriers and corporations. Europeer provides reliable low level and secure infrastructure for interconnections and intelligent VoIP routing owing to service platforms in Hong Kong, Frankfurt and Amsterdam that helps to maintain the stable operation of the systems. What is most important: this service can easily be integrated with existing softswitches and/or switched networks for large carriers. It can also operate as an easy-to-use turnkey solution for small or medium sized operators.


Technology independent connectivity

Independent on technology and location Europeer provides access to its platform including all necessary kind of services. The exchange hub is reachable via direct IP links, TDM or even through VPN. Europeer offers high capacity switching carrier solutions and direct connectivity to an ever-growing list of services with occasional and full-time services, and global coverage which is monitored and managed 24 x 7.

Our VoIP and TDM gateway conversion covers all available protocols like SIP, SS7 (E1/STMx) to transfer from one used technology to another technology in place. We offer a free conjugation between VoIP and TDM/PSTN networks for minimization of expenses and reduction of operational costs. Effective integration of TDM, NGN and IMS networks will provide all possibilities for creating effective business regardless of utilized technology behind.

Voice features

•    Highly scalable capacities (from E1 to STM-1)

•    Cost-efficient interconnect to TDM via SS7/C7, PRI, ISDN (ETSI)

•    Conversion of VoIP signals into conventional TDM services and vice versa

•    Interworking functionality (IWF): SIP-to-H.323 and H.323-to-SIP

•    Supported codecs: G.711a-law, G.711u-law. G.723, G.726, G.729, G.729a, G729b

•    Core network protected by SBC, firewalls and topology hiding


Powered by Ribbon Platform

The RIBBON solution provides seamless interworking between IP networks for the delivery of voice services.
S3 Intelligent Session Border Controller
G-series media gateways
C-Series Call Controllers




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