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Europeer is a highly professional ICT service provider with extensive local and international network coverage and infrastructure.

By establishing connections with voice-carrier partners worldwide, we are able to connect you and your projects to almost every location around the world.

Europeer controls and manages the company’s own digital infrastructure, which enables us to provide high-quality voice services locally and internationally at competitive prices.

Effective Communication

The ability to instantly communicate with employees or partners working in the office or remotely.

Task & Time Management

Effective distribution of working time and quick solution of assigned tasks.

Digital Storage

The ability to record and archive calls in order to have access to the decisions made in the future.

Features and benefits

Voice Services

Europeer offers tailor-made solutions to keep you focused on your customers. You manage all customer relationships and Europeer provides premium business services because it works with major operators in the TIER-1 level market with the quality your customers demand:

  • Interconnect with leading international carriers worldwide
  • Direct routes with best-in-class service quality
  • CLI certified routes
  • Expertise of a big player for fastest time-to-market
  • Cost effective and highly competitive A-Z termination rates
  • Active LCR management
  • Selection of routes based on best route stability cost and voice quality
  • Up to 50.000 simultaneous calls
  • Call data record provisioning
  • Interconnection via dedicated lines IP sec and public
  • Switchless reselling service and VoIP Interconnection on SIP including full Fax support
  • Reliable termination of voice traffic to national and international destinations

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VoIP Clearinghouse solution

This technology stands for the transmission of voice messages over the Internet and allows you to make calls from a computer or smartphone. The principle of the technology is the same as that of conventional telephony, but VoIP is connected using a wide area or local area network, and not wiring.

During the call, the technology converts the audio signals to digital, and when the digital signal reaches the recipient, it is converted back to audio.

Europeer’s VoIP Clearinghouse solution brings together local and international service providers. Instead of pursuing traffic-sharing agreements with hundreds of service providers in different countries and cities all over the world, you get a single point of contact. By acquiring an interconnect at Europeer you gain the ability to establish direct network and billing connections to many carriers and providers. 

Our VoIP clearinghouse, however, is more than just a termination point. Europeer takes care of mutual settlements and as an independent party it handles both the billing and the potential disputes.

As a service provider for other companies, Europeer offers a mixed portfolio of termination, financial services, and enhanced applications:

  • Easy entry into international VoIP space with minimal investment
  • Redundant architecture duplication of all network elements and applications
  • Independent and impartial billing process
  • Security of foreign business and business with unknown partners – the payment for the closed traffic is guaranteed
  • Receivable processing between carriers (financial settlements)
  • A single source for termination rates to specific destinations
  • Financial accounts management
  • Security for operators purchasing traffic data – Call charges never exceed the system’s maximum charges including currency transactions
  • Blacklist of suppliers and recipients – the ability to block unwanted traffic
  • Quality of service (QoS) monitoring and provisioning
  • Bandwidth and IP access provisioning
  • Settlement of accounts between carriers
  • Credit risk assessment between carriers
  • A common prefix database which can be imported into your own billing / routing system allows you to bill your own customers 100% compatible with the available prefixes

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